About Us

Hibernia medical was established in 1998 by Suzanne Murray. The company specialises in surgery fit-outs and modern equipment.

In 2016 the company was acquired by RESK – a family partnership of the Woods family.

The company has since broadened its range and now stock a wide range of products from consumables to integrated technologies.

The new product range available includes;

Brachial Ankle Index for Peripheral Arterial Disease

NIOX – for determination of FeNO in asthmatics

FREEZPEN – for Cryo micro- surgery

The equipment division is supported by a well-trained engineering team, provided by our sister company – Murray Woods.

The company has an exciting equipment rental programme(with integration to the P.A.S)

These include the Mobil-O-graph NG ABPM, QRS Universal ECG 12-Lead System and the SpiroConnect Spirometer.